Repaving would cost you several bucks. It is explained here what blacktop sealing is and its constructive role in preserving blacktop.

Most probably, some people are forgetting blacktop costs a lot. It should be taken cared of. The sturdiness and resilience of a seal coating is caused by the asphalt substance in it combined with other materials that makes it so. Sealants help maintain blacktop. But you must keep in mind that sealers differ from each other. It is best to do the sealing yourself or at least be present when it is done so as not to have the company or contractor in charge of doing the job cheat on your with low quality sealants.

Why does blacktop need maintenance? We must dig into the components of blacktop to understand the reason for its maintenance. Blacktop which is also known as asphalt concrete is a mixture of stones and liquid asphalt.

Binder is another name for liquid asphalt and it plays as a glue which holds the stone aggregate together.  The stone aggregate is bound by the liquid asphalt which has gluing properties.


Black top is worn out by several natural factors. The asphalt binder is damaged by these natural factors over time. They will cause cracks to blacktop. Filling the cracks and sealing blacktop thereafter is a must. If this is not properly done then consider that blacktop is doomed to fail.

What are the main problems of blacktop? The condition of your blacktop will help you determine the steps to take to have it maintained. One problem you don't want are pot holes. Define pot holes. It's a hole in the asphalt. If there are pot holes then repairs would be needed. These holes vary in size. These are the results of alligator cracks that were not maintained. Read More...

Alligator cracks and spiderweb cracks literally look like an alligator's back or a web. The cracks needs to be repaired before sealing.

Lastly, sink holes and bird baths would need repairs, too.

Before proceeding with the repairs the blacktop must be repaired. Ensure that the blacktop is tidy and is free from any dirt and dust.

Foreign objects are easily removed by a broom. You may use water in cleaning the blacktop but you need to be sure that it is perfectly dry before your do the repairs. Some use a leaf blower to clean the area.

There are three materials needed to repair alligator cracks.

Alligator patches may also be used to repair bird baths. You may used pot hole patch for sink hole repairs.


The blacktop patch should be able to repair the holes and the cracks without needing the other types of patches. Consult a Professional here!